Aija Pelletier is a Registered Nurse, wife, and mother of 2 boys.  She lives on a small farm in Northeast Connecticut with her family, 5 kill pen rescue horses, 3 dogs, and 2 cats.  Needless to say, it is a busy life!  Her love of animals began at an early age, rescuing 3 kittens abandoned on the family property when she was 8.  Her passion showing AKC Champion Briards began at age 14 when she acquired her first Briard whom she showed to his Championship and went on to win the Briard Club of America National Specialty at age 17 in 1986.  She continued as a very successful hobby breeder/owner/handler/importer of AKC Registered Champion Briards for over 3 decades, selectively breeding Champion Briards, but has taken a break from the demands of actively training and showing her dogs while she raises 2 young boys and works as a nurse. Today she shares her life with two Briards and one Kuvasz, while continuing the line occasionally co-breeding a litter with her sister, a prominent Veterinarian in California. 

Along with years of experience spent as a breeder evaluating temperament and structure of puppies against the AKC and FCI standards, choosing complementary sires for the dams, and placing puppies with the right families, Aija has worked professionally as a Veterinary Technician for almost 10 years before she became a Registered Nurse.  She studied Animal Science and Genetics in college, and worked in veterinary clinics in New York, North Carolina and Connecticut in small animal and emergency practices. 

As her boys grew older, Aija decided to embark on a new venture when her son requested a Maine Coon cat.  The size, beauty, health and personality of this cat with many canine like characteristics proved to be the perfect fit for her family.  After months of research, the foundation cats for Nor'easter Coons were imported from Europe and Asia. They were chosen for their correct temperament, color, beauty, head type, ear set, coat, size, bone structure and substance.  Her real life experience in education, veterinary clinic work, breeding, training and showing is evident in the quality of her cats, carefully chosen from the very best lines in Europe as the foundation for her Maine Coon cats. The health and welfare of all her animals is her top priority and this includes feeding a high quality diet for optimum growth and health. 

The successful breeding of outstanding Maine Coon cats at Nor’easter Maine Coons is no accident.  It comes from over 35 years of experience breeding, showing, and caring for animals professionally and as a breeder/owner/handler.  Nor'easter Maine Coons are large, heavy boned cats with unique and inquisitive personalities. You will not be disappointed with a Maine Coon kitten from Nor’easter Coons.  We aim to please with our family raised kittens, breeding for quality, NOT quantity. Our cats do not live in cages or filth, but are family members, raised with children and dogs. 

Aija and her sons, John and Matthew, are proud to bring you their wonderful Nor'easter Maine Coon cats!